PowerPoint Presentations - Top 7 Tips

28 Jun

Success with PowerPoint presentations boils right down to doing a small number of easy, commonsense things. Try out these 7 tips on your next PowerPoint presentation and I promise your life will be much easier next time you're in front of a bunch:

Choose a PowerPoint template which uses high contrast between text and background. Like white letters on a dark blue backdrop. Or vice versa. Otherwise your audience can't read it.

Use plenty of images to break up the monotony of page after page of text. Shoot for a picture or two on each page. Sprinkle in some comedy if you can. Otherwise your audience will go to sleep. To get more information click powerpoint google

Use text sparingly in as large a font as practical. A great deal of text in small font will immediately lose the interest of your audience. Don't turn your back to read the text off the slide out loudly to them. Your viewers can read without your help. The text needs to be a way to run your memory at a glance about a stage which you want to create and which you can expound upon. Bring some value to the powerpoint presentation . Otherwise, why are you there?

Stand up and talk when you are giving a demonstration. You will command more attention and respect this way. Force yourself to use a louder voice than you normally would. This will give you authority and maintain the whispers and side conversations to a minimum.

Ask questions of your viewers. Invite questions back to you. Get the audience participated. Should they know they might need to answer a question, then they'll pay more attention and they will remember what you said better.

Withhold all props until the final third or quarter of this presentation. If you immediately give widgets out to maneuver around and play , you'll lose your audience right out of the box. Gizmos have a high cool factor and everyone becomes excited once they are loose in the crowd. It's the number one train wreck causer in case you don't use them right.

Don't give out copies of this presentation until the ending. This one is a bit more controversial because many men and women want a handout that they can use to take notes on as you go along. Actually some will demand a handout in the beginning, and may get a little irate if you do not give them . Resist the urge to give in and pass them out. I have had a lot of presentations derailed by people flipping through the end of the handout and asking questions from sequence. When taking notes is essential, then they can use their notepad and staple their notes into the handout then.

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